• I am a dad, a husband, a family man
• I am a runner, averaging 40-100k per week & I a NEED to run
• I am a cyclist, MTB, FAT, Road, TT, Folder, Commute, recumbent I love them all
• I love my toys: bikes, shoes, headphones, climbing and adventure gear
• I coach from movement development – international athletes & Life Coaching
• And my last great vice, COFFEE

Why blog:
Logo version 9 internet even better with people & nameWell this started because my staff and friends told me I should blog. I am always doing something, like running trails, taking running groups, coaching presentations, and finding, developing, buying and making new gear. I love finding things that work and building what I can’t find. I have a problem when it comes to gear I just keep wanting more. So I thought I write about and photo graph it.

More on me:
I started riding bikes seriously as a form of rehab after breaking both legs doing my child hood sport of gymnastics. From here I started running as part of Triathlon. Then this moved into adventure running because I had less time but still wanted to see as much. After this I found that the internal journey of running is at least as good if not better than the external journey.
Climbing is an extension of my gymnastics and adventures. I stopped climbing for years but recently my better half told me that I should start climbing and complete my instructor’s course.

Coaching is just an extension of who I am. I am a coach it is what I eat, live and breath. I love helping others achieve what they want in their life. If you want someone who can work with you to sort out what you want in your life don’t hesitate to contact me.

I am married and have a wonderful family. This blog originally was going to be just about my adventures. But that got well boring for me. So this will be about me and how I may be able to help you. It will also include my family adventure along with what ever else helps me and you.

Feel free to contact me via:

Twitter: @doingthemiles or Email: doingthemiles at gmail.com or  


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