Adventurous links – Neil Gamin to Backwards Goal Setting


  Every Monday, I muster up a round of adventurous links that has inspired me to, set goals, do the work and live adventure. These links have made positive changes in my life and hopefully they inspire and motivate you to do the same. Enjoy.

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Great words of advice on achieving your goals

Do you have the right job but you want to be even better at it or are you looking for a change and need to have higher education to get your foot in the door. How do you decide what education is the next step for you. I don’t want to ever just study for job advancement, I also want to know the information for personal enjoyment. Going back to study for the right reasons.

Achieving that thing: How to Set Achievable Goals with Backward Goal Setting.

My Stats

Week Totals: Activities: 3 Distance: 20.70km Time: 2:01:31 Calories: 1,426C


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