Adventurous links – Global Gridlock to Arnold Schwarzenegger

  Every Monday, I muster up a round of adventurous links that has inspired me to, set goals, do the work and live adventure. These links have made positive changes in my life and hopefully they inspire and motivate you to do the same. Enjoy.

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I listen to pod-casts as part of my commute usually to and from work. This week one show in-particular grabbed my attention and I wanted to do further research: Global Gridlock – Getting There and this bit of writing on the subject: The Threat of Global Gridlock “In 25 years, there will be 9 billion people living in urban areas — more than the entire population of the Earth today. If they are all driving cars, gridlock could block the path of food, water and emergency medical treatment in cities” said by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

We all want to succeed in business but the truth is not always put in black and white, because the truth can be confronting. This piece is all true in my experience – 10 Things Internet Marketers Don’t Want You to Know.

Now I am not about to tell this to my Mum, but to my wife (mother of our kids) you bet I do: because the simple fact is; to me my wife is hot – Why We Should Get In The Habit Of Telling Moms They’re Hot 

logo compost pedallersI just wanted to introduce you to an idea that I love. This is not the only version of this concept of 100% green recycling. Given my earlier topic title this week of global grid lock. This could be some of the solution, compost, local food and bikes – Compost Pedallers.

Remember: When training to be a runner walking is important to good recovery.

My Stats: Activities: Running 9, Distance: 80.18km, Time: 8:56:20, Calories: 5,288C


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