Adventurous links: Knowing your customer to Zauberman on accomplishment

Every Monday, I muster up a round of adventurous links that has inspired me to, set goals, do the work and live adventure. These links have made positive changes in my life and hopefully they inspire and motivate you to do the same. Enjoy.

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I have been looking at different methods of structuring companies this week, it is part of ongoing learning about how to make companies more profitable and a joy to work for and in: I found this TED talk: What happens when you run a company with (almost) no rules?.

It has been a big week this week, new life coaching clients in the US and Canada. One of my athletes here in Brisbane did his best to break his leg while training, which put emergency procedures and actions under the microscope. I am glad to say that all existing procedures that had been developed worked like clockwork.

When working with a diverse collection of clients it is funny how some weeks have a very definite theme to them. This week has  the recurring theme of “how do I increase sales”. Well in each case start with with the customer. Who is your customer, do you know your customer better than yourself? Here are some excellent resources on understanding your customers: Identifying Customer Needs and Know your customer: How to use empathy as a business strategy.

Motivation required? Here is an great video on Learned Helplessness and how to over come it.

I am always looking for resources that can help my writing (I need a lot of help) I found this great piece How to Write a Memoir: 6 Creative Ways to Tell a Powerful Story

Everything is always changing, True Resilience Is Understanding Nothing Lasts Forever.

I found a cool new toy this week. Douze Bicycles gives you the ability to buy a single cycling cockpit but change the cargo bay (novel concept but pretty awesome). I also love that you can quickly split the bike for transport and/or storage. Its such an incredible engineering design concept that provides flexibility to having a cargo bike.

It is amazing that we go out and put ourselves through pain again and again in an effort to get stronger. In the words of Zauberman, when it comes to these sorts of endeavors, “The accomplishment and sense of meaning simply overwhelm the negative memory of the pain.” I found this interesting read: Why You’ll Race Again, Even Though It Hurts

My stats for the week:

Activities: 7 Distance: 69.02km Time: 7:10:47 Calories: 4,676C

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. Set your goals, do the work and then live the adventure. Catch you next week.


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