Adventurous links: Steve Jobs to Psychology of Persuasion

Every Monday, I muster up a round of adventurous links that has inspired me to, set goals, do the work and live adventure. These links have made positive changes in my life and hopefully they inspire and motivate you to do the same. Enjoy.

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Podcast this week that have grabbed my attention and bee truly fascinating for me has been the TED Radio Hour:NPR . TED radio hours is more detailed than the TED talks and the variety of topics is extensive. GREAT Listening.

Business reading this week has been about making a splash on the internet. How does one get started with little or no specialist knowledge in a new area they would like to take on. How do you get started if you don’t have a website or an credentials well start with this: The Persuasion Revolution. Also this week has been about meetings, so I have been looking for ways to make them work better for me and found this about Steve Jobs – Knew How to Run a Meeting.

Is your website mobile ready (test it here)? Google has announced that websites that are mobile ready will be moved up the ranks in a google search. Considering that everyone now uses a mobile tablet or phone to search the internet wit would be a good idea to ensure your website is ready.

Reading this week has been well a little behind, as I have stepped up the intensity of my training I have need a little more time to recover. During these periods I find that my personal reading is the first thing to suffer. I simply need more sleep and will fall a sleep earlier than I wanted to. Having said that I have been reading a fascinating book: The Story of the Human Body It is so interesting that very few animals are bipedal and this book go a long way into explaining what it takes to be able to stand up and move on two legs efficiently.

Drawing a radius circle on a google map, how can that be done? Well this week I was sitting at my computer wanting to do something a little different for my next training run. I wanted to do 10km but wanted to see how far that would be in a new direction. So I wanted to just simply overlay a radius circle on a map to get an idea. Well google does not offer that function. But I am not the 1st person to want such tools. I found a site that is very simple to operate and does exactly what I wanted. Just fill in the fields of location to get the map you want, then the other field of circle size and metric or imperial scale. Easy as.

For those out there who like to work on their own bikes the right tools make all the difference. These days just about every part comes with information on how tight bolts need to be to ensure you keep your warranty and that you don’t break the part. It use to be that you needed very expensive torque wrenches to be able to ensure that follow the manufacture’s specifications. These days a cheap alternative is available in preset torque wrenches. Spend a little money to save a lot.

My Stats for the week

Week Totals: Activities: 6 Distance: 53.80km Time: 5:20:16 Calories: 3,662C


2 thoughts on “Adventurous links: Steve Jobs to Psychology of Persuasion

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I am glad I stumbled across your blog today. I read Steve Jobs autobiography and his ability to create and manifest his vision is incredible. Live life in FULL bloom!

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