Adventurous Links: From Being Boss to Amazing Destinations

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Starting now: Every Monday, I muster up a round of adventurous links that has inspired me to, set goals, do the work and live adventure. These links have made positive changes in my life and hopefully they inspire and motivate you to do the same. Enjoy.)

I love to listen to pod casts in my car on my commutes. This week I have been listening to and for definitions of success: She Percolates is a great blog on redefining success, Conversations with Richard Fidler lets you listen to amazing people who are making or have made a difference in this world.

Those thinking about further formal education and Could be great for anyone that may struggle a little with the formal educational pathways. I found this course from Cathy Hannabach that my be useful if I take that path.

For those thinking that they may have out grown their job or can’t stand working for the man any longer here is a little something for you. 50 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur

This weeks reading list have been mostly about money and mind set.

Training links: gymnastics judging 

So here is the thing this week that I found that I would like to upgrade to Shimano XT 11×1

We’ll catch you next week.


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