Starting with the End

Having clear goals of how you want your life to feel, look, smell and taste is important if you are going to reach that place of inner peace. Reaching your potential or goals involves goal setting. Goal setting according to the experts involves a 10 step process. Step 3 in the 10 steps is “Establish TIMELINES with the end in mind. So that is where this post comes into my coaching practice.

with MY END in mind

Death is usually not a fun subject, it is something that I always try avoiding. To this day I still cry every so often over a puppy named “Lucky” of all things. She passed when hit by a car out the front of my house before I was 5 years old. I witnessed the whole thing and just felt so bloody hopeless that I could not stop it from happening. I felt, and still do feel it was my fault. Lucky was trying to follow me, she got out through a small hole in the fence. That was my first encounter with grief and I hate the taste of it. I don’t think one can ever get over the grief of losing people. We, or at least I learn to live with it, and some days it is fucking hard to do that. I miss the people I have lost including my beloved pets.

Currently I am struggling with the loss of my uncle. I really did not think he meant so much to me but my emotions are setting me straight on that one. People need to stop dying, it sucks and I don’t handle it well. With 7 billion people on the planet we each have individual ways of handling grief.

Coaching is not about listening to problems, pain or blocks but is about listening for goals, aspirations, intentions and possibilities. Using my inner coach I started to look at what I want the end to look like.

I was online and found this picture of a bicycle hearse. I love bikes, I adore everything they represent, freedom, fun, travel, zero emissions, and the list goes on. So yes I want to be able to take one last ride. Here is my list of things I feel I can do as a final contribution to those I will leave behind

  • Donate my organs to anyone who can make use of them to continue to live or help others live
  • Use a green burial service that cost little $$ and has a low environmental cost
  • Take my body on its last ride using a zero emissions service (Bicycle)
  • No doubt there’s a million other things to list, this is where I have started the conversation. We can continue the conversations online or offline with your loved ones. It is an important conversation to have.

When all else is said and done and my time here is complete, and I hope that is a long, long time away. I have a simple final question “Was I a jerk or a man?” Time will tell on that one.


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