An Uneasy Feeling in My Gut: Project 26 Weeks 3 & 4.

I have an uneasy feeling in my gut. (Here my wife would get in and say MAYBE I have eaten too many glutamates. Yes I may have eaten too many tomatoes with corn which has resulted in massive stomach cramps). But that is not the feeling I am talking about. It is more what do I do with the spare shelf space. It is kind of like money in the wallet burning a hole in your pocket. I just need to spend it. Well, I have this need to fill the shelf space I now have.

IMG_1588Up to this point in the cleaning out, I have not had to deal with void space. Especially in the cupboard. When cleaning up the kitchen and the shed, I did not end up with empty space. I ended up with a more usable area. Both in the shed and kitchen all the drawers are still full the shelves covered. What to do about the empty space? How do I get over the fact that space is available? My head says don’t fill it, enjoy it; but my gut feels uneasy with the space. An adjustment period is needed.

The challenge now is to figure out how to deal with having space to put things without just filling them because I can’t handle having the space. Must be time for a mental shift. I have now figured out how to prevent money burning a hole in my pocket, but how about space. Maybe this is why I have been spending so much time looking at the Tiny House Movement.

Any ideas on how to deal with empty shelf space, other than just fill it?


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