Getting more done by having less – Project 26 week 2

It is true I have more freedom by reducing the stuff I own (or that owns me). I have managed to get so much more completed in the last week. Lots of little projects that had been put on the back burner due to it being to hard to access the work space of tools easily. This is the sort of result I was hoping for I just did not expect the results to be so good so fast. Many be it is the 80/20 rule. Get ride of 20% of your crap and find you have 80% more freedom?

It is now week 2 and time to go through the kitchen. Being a group area it will be a little more difficult than going through bike stuff that was just mine and few others in the family were worried about getting rid of extra bike bits. In the kitchen I use very few things most of the time. Those things I use 99% of the time and cover the rest of the family 80% of the time are.

  1. Coffee Machine (Coffee for my wife and I, Hot Chocolate for the kids)
  2. Fry Pan – single most used appliance in the kitchen
  3. BBQ – Yes even though I am vego I use a BBQ all the time (I love the smokey flavour) Best part I got the BBQ for free as a x demo model from a store.
  4. Glass lid pot
  5. French oven (large cast iron pot) Roast veges so yum
  6. Knife bread, Knife large carving (Good quality knifes last a life time)
  7. Stand mixer (Yes I love to bake cakes, biscuits all gluten-free)

My wife has a few things that she loves and uses all the time. I use them too but sounds better if I say she likes these ones more. Make me feel a little less of a hoarder.

  1. Rice cooker
  2. Toasted sandwich maker
  3. Food processor

WP_20131104_001When you empty the kitchen out completely you get a pile like this!

Well if I don’t get rid of a thing at least kitchen cupboards will get a complete fresh clean out. Out came the baking soda, lemons and elbow grease. 48 hours later bit by bit the kitchen has been cleaned from floor to ceiling. It looks and feels great to have a spotless kitchen. Of course 30 minutes later it was all over. Kids never let clean last long 🙂

WP_20131210_001This pile of pots and pans are in great condition and will be donated to the local charity. It looks like such a small pile compared to the one going back into the kitchen. The difference is huge however. We can access all the stuff in each cupboard. We also use to have stuff on top of the fridge and pantry cupboard but they are now clear. Hopefully not to collect more.

I learn a very valuable lesson this week:

Battery taht needed to be recycledIf it comes in the front door eventually it has to leave. The initial expense of an item is, well expensive. What I did not know is it can be just as if not more expensive to get rid of an item when it is considered rubbish. Fees range from $8 and $1230 yes that is One Thousand, Two Hundred and Thirty Dollars to use that facilities at the local recycling centre. My box of goods cost just $8. A note to myself be careful what you buy; at some stage it will have to be recycled and that could end up being more expensive than the initial purchase price. The true cost of goods is not the initial price at the store.


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