Bushwalking Sled – Testing is proving sucessful

_Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_{E019D336-696D-43D5-A99B-B39120DC54C5}_Local_PlatformData_Images_PhotoChooser-6c90c4be-7aa7-48ac-8695-98b9fd3c5d65_jpg_Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_{E019D336-696D-43D5-A99B-B39120DC54C5}_Local_PlatformData_Images_PhotoChooser-dc4b2f3a-5e94-4c59-bba8-2680c1a3e565_jpg _Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_{E019D336-696D-43D5-A99B-B39120DC54C5}_Local_PlatformData_Images_PhotoChooser-3055f761-3869-44d6-a638-e9eebb4d12fd_jpg _Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_{E019D336-696D-43D5-A99B-B39120DC54C5}_Local_PlatformData_Images_PhotoChooser-e56f12bf-fed6-406f-8b8d-3449fc603390_jpgIt is now school holidays for my eldest. I have been designing handles for the running pram so that it can turn in to a hauling system. With the assistance of a bending tool I have fashened out some hauling handles. To day the three kids and I headed out into the backyard to test the handles and see what further modifications will be needed to tackle some serious trails.

  • Over all the handles work great. I will working on the following imporvements now

Designing a hauling harness.

Wrap the handles with a little cork tape to increase the comfort.

Make a standing board for the back of the pram so that the kids can just stand at the back for short rides when they just need a little rest. The system is balanced better when they try standing on the back.

Over all the kids loved it and want to go back out tomorrow. It will be great to take the kids on more of my adventures into the bush.


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