Project 26 – SHED – Sort, heave, donate, sell and move forward.

Bike stuff that has to goI have way to much stuff and it has got to the stage where it owns me. I no longer own it. I have decided to reclaim the future me by reducing my stuff down to what I need now. If you walked around my house and look through all my stuff you would find lots of different things that describe who I was or wanted to be at one time. These things are my past identify, my history. I have finally realised that I don’t need stuff to define who I am. In fact all the stuff is getting in the way of who I want to be.

I have been busy for the last few weeks getting sorted. It has impacted my running and cycling training. Including my carless status. But it will all result in a better future. A future of freedom where my stuff propels me forward and does not hold me in the past.

I am at the stage of life that I really have all the stuff I could ever need and I have most of what I have ever wanted. It was 11 years ago when moving into our current house, that I figured out I had far too much. I have been working in cycles on getting the amount of stuff I have down to a reasonable amount. So getting rid of stuff has been an up and down affair. It is experiences that I want to collect and share these days. Stuff holds less value when not used but just stored, in fact it costs to store it.

I have started by making a list of which items I will go through and in what order. This is to keep me on track in my reduction of gear. The list is as follows so far. I am going to go at it for 26 weeks (Project 26). What amounts to a committed push to really reduce down to what is “used” not just stored. I have no number for how much I want to keep. But I do want to keep what I use in each 6 month period. If I need it outside this period of time I am sure I can borrow, loan, or get a new one if required in the future.

I am starting with the shed, and my biggest collection of stuff. My bike stuff. Above is everything I am removing from the house. I have kept the essentials or bike consumables that you use all the time; new chains, brake cables etc. But anything that I have replaced on a bike with a better part or took off a bike before using it I am pairing down.

My list I am aiming to do one each week.

  1. Bike Stuff
  2. Camping stuff
  3. DVDs
  4. Bags (back packs etc)
  5. Electronics
  6. Mobile phones
  7. Kitchen
  8. Bathroom

This is only 8 weeks but it is as far as I have got in my head. It is actually emotionally challenging to get ride of stuff. I am still stuck to the idea that it defines me to some extent. I can feel a pressure in my chest thinking about getting ride of things. It will take some time to get over this even though I am sure I will feel better for it.

No doubt I will add to this list as I go through other areas. I have left out a section of gear that I will not reduce at this stage and that is tools. With tools I can generally build most things that I want. So this is an area that I will not be reducing at this stage.

Thanks for joining me on this ride. I am looking forward to spending less time sorting out stuff and finding a place to store for it. I hope it results in more time with family and adventuring out the front door.


2 thoughts on “Project 26 – SHED – Sort, heave, donate, sell and move forward.

  1. Reducing your possessions is a big love of mine – I think it helps you think more clearly, be more efficient at home and it makes room for more of the present in your life. Well done on starting this project – I will be cheering on your updates!

    • Thanks Rose. I find it very difficult to get rid of stuff. I did an exercise on looking at my current worth (finance) and what I actually have assets. After this I realized I mostly have liabilities and very few assets. That has made it easier but it is going to take quite a few goes to get it done. I know that I will have to revisit each area a number of times as I find somethings so hard to part with. Mostly I need to ask why is it hard to get ride if this item. Sometimes I lie to myself the reason I need to keep it, but hopefully eventually I will tell myself the truth and then be able to reduce even further.

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