My Struggle with this Time of Year

I really struggle this time of year. It is not the time as such but the work load. But it is not what you think when I say work load, it is the lack of work. That last sentence sounds all wrong. I have plenty of work to do it is more that the focus is not here right now. At this time of year all the major competitions have been completed from an athlete and a coaching point of view. The final competition in this years work calendar finished two weeks ago. So I feel flat, unmotivated and fat. I have not been training well, I don’t have a regular daily pattern. This time of year is  all about tying up loose ends and tidying up.

I feel like I am just wasting time at this time of year. I need the down time to refocus and get a plan in place for the next 12 months. I struggle to deal with not having every second of every day planed out and filled. I was reading through Tammy’s post from Rowdy Kittens  and point 7 is

“7. Slow down. Notice your surroundings. Exhale.”

I find this so difficult. I am not sure that I find it difficult to slow down, what I find difficult is the forced slow down. I am after 40 years still trying to figure out how to motivate, brainstorm and then focus new ideas on queue. I manage to do this at completely random times, but hardly ever when forced. The question is how when this time of year shows up do I create the environment, that allows the creative juices to flow freely.

I have tried all sorts of things, like

  1. booking a running event at this time of year
  2. baking
  3. Reading lots
  4. Doing special projects (ones I don’t allow time for during the rest of the year)
  5. Going away
  6. Clean the house, office, bikes, etc
  7. Re organise the shed, my desk etc

None of these get the results that I am after. I need the down time, I need to prevent burn out, I just don’t handle slow well.

What do you do?


2 thoughts on “My Struggle with this Time of Year

  1. I always have a change over period after I complete a big goal. It’s usually around August / September for me because I run my season from October to July. I start out frustrated. Then I start to accept that this is a cycle and that my body needs the rest. And then, just as I am turning into a sloth (usually after about 6-8 weeks), I get inspired again to get out and get active.

    Our bodies need downtime. If you have a natural place where that occurs every year, relish it and know that without it, you will become injured and jaded. 🙂

  2. I understand Exactly that feeling! I always need to have a plan in place and know what is happening next. Recently learnt that falls into category of controlling behaviour (never knew). This time of year I book in LOADS of social events and plan catch ups with friends and plan the next years happenings ( as much as I can control that is) 🙂 you guys up for a BBQ? 🙂

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