Thank you Brisbane City Council

SavedPicture-20131011121113.jpgSavedPicture-20131011121231.jpgWhen cycling my son from our house to his school we cross the Brisbane River at Colleges crossing. Traveling inbound just after the bridge (Colleges Crossing) the road does a 90 degree bend to the left and it is a sharp ride. So steep that if a miss a gear I am walking the bike up the street. No foot path exist at this point in time. The problem I have is that Large truck frequent this road at drop off times. The side of the road is usually covered in leaf litter and branches. So pulling into the gutter is not an option, a truck either slams on the brakes or moves into on coming traffic. It is the only dangerous section of the ride to school.

Mt Crosby Road Clean upI decided to get something done about it so I request the road be cleaned. The Brisbane City council was very helpful and placed a request for cleaning. The road should be cleaned with in 14 days. A foot path and bike way would be better and I placed a request for this also. I am also writing to the local member about this. But cleaning is a great start and will make the trip for us that much safer.

Thanks again Brisbane City council.


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