Bridges of Brisbane Report – 11 Bridges 46km.

Brisbane-River-Bridges-Map-NewWhat a beautiful morning the sun rising just as we all mounted the Gateway bridge or the first bridge of 11 for the day. The speed was well paced throughout the running of the first Bridges of Brisbane County Run. The Happy Runners Team members were all pumped and ready for a long day on the road over the river. We found many well wishers out on the road as we stopped at each bridge for a photo. Of course we did find a member of the public a little worse for wear after a night out on the town; they were just sleeping it off ready to go again. I say, I like the coffee vender in the middle of the Goodwill Bridge. It was a first to be drinking hot coffee from my water bottle. I use a Nathan Sport R4 running belt with small bottles around the waist the sensation burning hot on my hips from the fresh coffee was an unusual feeling. One of the team members had not run for three weeks due t a hamstring tear but was not going to miss this for the world. Mike put in a very brave effort to complete 24km before the pain and long term ramifications became too much.

IMAG0064We really do have some magnificent bridges and crossings over the Brisbane River. They all have a unique character and tell a story of the development of this great city. We crossed all 11 bridges in stage one of this journey.

Huge thanks go out to TH who organised this great event; it was very well planned with good tap and toilet locations scouted out in the lead up. In fact it was so well organised it may well become an underground annual affair from now on. Of course the day was made relaxing by being with a well oiled team of great runners. It was just joy from start to finish.


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