Custom Bike Lock Holder

SavedPicture-2013106111359.jpgIt is great having a folding bike. I take it everywhere. This is my most used ride, the Bike Friday Tikit One-Way is used 5 days a week. But I don’t use it sometimes because I will need to lock it up outside. This situation needed to change. It was time to always have a lock available. Therefore a custom holder was required. I wanted something that would stay on the rack but hold the lock fast and be quick and easy to get the lock out. I came up with a design in my head and then asked my wife how to use a sewing machine.

SavedPicture-201310611149.jpgAfter a quick lesson on using the tension setting because it would end up being layers of Velcro and webbing I was on my way.  I just started by making attachment points then built on it from there.

If I redo it I would spend more time making neat seams and joints. Other than that it works very well. It meets the brief of holding the lock secure, fast to do up and undo, does not affect the fold.


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