I was out on my morning training run this morning, and the smell of waste filled the air. It was bin day, the pungent smells as you passed the front of each house was overwhelming. This got me to thinking of the athletes I coach, and the waist in all our lives. We are very wasteful as a society and I see this wastefulness pass into training, racing and competition.

Productive use of time and resources is the biggest waste I see in each and every session. Few athletes apply themselves to the level required during their training sessions and races.

When grocery shopping we purchase what we think we need, often over purchasing due to not planning out our exact food requirements and over spending in the wrong area. We end up just throwing it in the bin to rot having wasted our time and money purchasing something we just didn’t need. As athletes who are also, students, income providers, Mums, Dads etc we are always looking for more time and money to put into training. Every second counts, but we waste so much if we are not looking after all the little things.

Most of us work to earn a living to put food on the table pay the mortgage and with what is left do some training and racing. But we then waste money by over purchasing and then discarding food (Money) and this is just a single small area that became very obvious during my morning training. We are very inefficient with our basic spending and earning. Now transfer pattern to your training. Where do you waste time, effort and money?

A number of my athletes are asking when we can extend our training hours. I don’t see the point in wasting more time. As a coach it is my time and you’re the athlete’s time that is wasted when not used to our full potential. Our time is the most valuable resource we have. With time we can do anything. So before you just go and increase your training time ask yourself?

Do I have the mindset of a professional athlete? Am I truly making every second count?

1-Balance LogoThink, Plan, Produce.

Think – Before your next training session think about what it is you are after out of that session. If you are attending to increase your social life, is the coaching/coaches time the best time to be working on your social life or is it the time to be focused on becoming an athlete? Remember the coach is there to guide you to your athletic peak. Make time before or after your session to socialise.

Plan – Plan you time so that you are achieving everything you aim for more efficiently. Plan when you will train and what you will work on. Discuss your plan with your coach before the session so you can better prepare.

Produce – It is now straight forward; apply the correct effort receive the results you that thought about and planned for.

Remember in everything you do Think, Plan, Produce. Every second does count.

Ashley Druve



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