Training Partners

Training partners provide a welcome break from all the km that one does. I enjoy my solo running as it is my time to ponder, create new plans and chew the fat. I find this time to be very valuable. But when training gets a little bit to much of the same I look forward to training in groups and with other individuals.

I see people run past my door and always want to find out there story. I find that I always learn a lot when running with others. People are more relaxed and open while running. It is also great when I need the little extra motivation when it just seems like more of the same. It is amazing the people who run. I look forward to hearing your story.


5 thoughts on “Training Partners

      • Wow! My is a foldable Citizen Bike I bought a couple of years ago and I just started using to get around the neighborhood and also to make the dogs that stay with us exercise. I am just starting so when I get to one, two, three miles, I am happy:) I got to start somewhere, don’t you think so?:)

      • Congratulations on getting on a bike. It is great hearing of more & more people getting out and riding. Starting out it takes time to build up to longer kms but it is so worth the effort. I love exploring by bike. The person in that photo & I have been riding bikes together for 30 plus years. During that ride we were reminiscing on how big or rides were to each others houses as kids. We only lived 5km apart but that felt huge when we were kids on BMXs. Now we go for 40plus km runs together and 200k plus rides. It has taken 30 plus years to get to this stage.

      • That’s great. Do you know what? When I was a child, I lived in a small village by the sea in Ecuador and our transportation was either on foot or bike. I loved, loved, loved riding my bike, but once I moved to NY what I did mostly was walk. After that, a bike was not as important as before, but now I’d like to start again because I enjoyed it immensely as a kid, and now as a grown up it gives me a sense of freedom I forgot about long ago. Thanks for your words of encouragement and keep riding:)

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