What a day :)

20130629-172123.jpg20130629-172021.jpgAn amazing and full day. Each part a new experience for me.The day started early with a 4am wake up to get to the Queensland Speedway at 5.45am for a 6am start on the V8 Race track. Chris Firman in the photo had to complete 40km TT in preparation for his racing in europe. It is just 4 weeks until he is off to represent Australia. . I did an easy 10km around the track running while keeping an eye on Chris’s progress and enjoying a run around the track with my usual training partner. The Ipswich Triathlon Club enjoyed completing a Duathlon on the track at the same time. At 8am we left the track before the motor bikes started.

20130629-172037.jpg20130629-172104.jpgI was home long enough to get a quick hot shower and some breakfast before taking the kids out to a Lego show at the Ipswich Show Grounds. Some amazing Lego to be seen. Lots of time has been spent building that stuff. The kids enjoyed every bit of it and I decided that it is one thing I am not about to get into.

Once home it was time to move onto a project that I promised Kim my wife I would do very soon (6 months ago). At the end of last year I managed to get 15 sheets of second-hand 12mm plywood from work. At that time I said I would turn some of it into wildlife boxes to be put up in the trees on our property. With the family we made the first box tailored to the Sugar Gliders. I was amazed a few weeks ago when we had a Sugar Glider on the back deck (alive and healthy). 20130629-172014.jpg

What a great day of new adventures. I hope you also got to do something new today.


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