Big Dummy – Trailer Hitch Required

I have been putting in quite a bit of effort into my transition to a car free life style. This morning I had a sore throat so I decided not to run to work. The Tikit was the next best option. But I did not use the car. 🙂 My ride to work takes less time now than using bike and public transport (must be getting stronger?)

As I posted yesterday I have been building a high performance model boat with my son. The next thing is how to get it to the water along with all the items needed to run such a machine. I need to get a boat 1.1m long, fuel, starter motor etc and 2 or three kids to the river’s edge. A bike boat trailer is the best option. So I am currently building custom a trailer out of ply.

To achieve a boat trailer, I will be removing the suitcase from my Bike Friday travel trailer and just attaching a custom ply box on top. The problem is I need a hitch that will attach to the back bar of the Big Dummy.

BIKE-FRIDAYI emailed BicycleR Evolution Trailers but they do not make a Big Dummy Hitch. Time to make my own. I will bring you the photos of the build soon. All I have done so far is purchased the BSP quick connect that acts as the attachment point for the trailer. Which has proven quite hard to get, it is not the standard gas fittings used in Australia.  I will make the rest of the hitch from some stainless U bolts, aluminium tubing and foam (to protect the frame).

I need to make two trailers bodies over the next few weeks. The second trailer body will be for getting my Dogs to the vets. Maca our New Zealand Huntaway (Large dog breed 34kg 80cm tall) is getting quite long in the tooth. He is now 13 years young and has trouble walking more than a few hundred meters. Even with the vet just 2.5km from my house I need a non-walking option. I will try building a box that will double as a dog house so he is well use to it before his next check up.

Over 1000 site visits now. Thanks everyone for looking at my blog 🙂


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