Car-free Carefree; 1 week on and living it up

20130521-120000.jpgI have made it through a week. It has not just been good, rather it has been fantastic. My a average gas or petrol bill is $55 per week. The petrol bill is just that, only the fuel it does not include insurance, rego, ware and tare, etc etc. This last week I have spent just $28.18 on public transport a combination of Bus and Train. In reality I am behind because I purchased a pair of Altura Metro cycling pants and a rear view mirror. I have also ordered a new liner for my helmet and some Altura underwear for cycling this morning. At the end of a month on the current expenditure fuel vs public transport I will be ahead in the finances game. So on the finance side I am way up.

But that is just the beginning of the benefits. I have had a more social week, meeting and saying hi to new people as I cycle or run past. My fitness is better for it. My total run Kms per week is down but exercise time is up. I managed to get a PB in a 6k TT run on Saturday after comuting via bike-train-bike to the event. I am far more relaxed at home as I completely unwind on the bike or run. I have been reading more which is a massive plus. I never read enough so any little bit more helps. It has been a huge adventure so far working out how to get from a-b via x and z.

Just this morning I needed to pick up some things in Ipswich, then travel 10kms to return 10kg worth of fence fitting left over from building the new back fence. After completing the two errands I travel another 20k to work in Brisbane. It has all worked out well and I am relaxed doing it.

For those who like numbers here is my week:

Previous average weekly Kms via car 550.

This week using public transport, bicycle and run with a little walking

  • Train – 100kms (4 trips) 3 to or from work, 1 to race event
  • Bus – 20kms (1 trip) to work
  • Bicycling – 220kms to and from work, to and from sons school and grocery shops
  • Running – 75kms to and from work plus race

Over all a great week. If I can keep this up for a year I will be $1400 dollars ahead without taking into account car rego and insurance. If I sell the car and do with out it, I will be about $6000 better off each year. That is a good family holiday or a new bike/camera etc!!!! 🙂


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