Life is like a box of Chocolates

20130514-161749.jpgSaturday morning, my 1st run in a week, due to a good bout of gastro. I met up with my running partner at Sherwood Forest park for our usual warm-up before testing ourselves against the clock.
After a week off training I was not feeling it. For the first time I decide that 2km would be the best option. But I was not going to go easy I was out to do a hard 2km. I took off passing everyone I could until the 1km mark. At 1km I gave it everything I hand and pushed to the finish line. I did a respectable time of 7.57 including a good hill that last 200m of the course.
I was happy within myself for the effort I produced.
The icing on the cake was on Sunday when I receive a text saying I was in the paper. I had managed second place. I had no idea I had come in second. I don’t usually bother looking at results. It has however put a huge smile on my face.
In conclusion you never know when everything is going to work out just right for you. By being in the competition at least you have a chance of winning. Maybe I need to concentrate on shorter distances or I just had a good day after an effective taper. Either way I am enjoying my results.



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