Can I go car-less for a week?

Can I make a normal week without a car? My car is fine but in an effort to remove my need for using a car I have decided to jump in the deep end and just do it. Starting this morning I have parked my car and I will not be using it for the rest of the week. I have spent some time planning the week so that I can make it. Some interesting information about my commute to and from work:

Closest bus stop 18km from home (then 40min by bus to work)

Closest train station 8.8km from home (then 1hr by train to work)


Monday: Drop son at school using the Surly Big Dummy. Cycle home then swap to Bike Friday Pocket Rocket cycle 42km to work, after work cycle 42km home.


Tuesday: Run 18km to bus stop catch bus into work. Train home station then run 9km to my door.

Wednesday: Cycle 18km  to bus stop bus into work. Bus to home stop then cycle 18km to my door.

Thursday: Run 40km to work. Wife and kids come to work and have fun in the gym then get a lift home.

Friday: Cycle 10km meet running group. Run with running group (10km this week). Do a number errands by bike and cycle home (15km).

Saturday: No work

Sunday: Cycle into work 40km, Cycle home 40km. Pack two panniers as need a suit at work on Sunday.

Currently I am very motivated to get through the week. Once I make it all the way through this week I intend to do it all again next week. Then the question will be can I make it through a month with out a car and so on. I would want to prove to myself that I don’t need a car. Once I have proven that I will think about selling the car.

Let me know how would your week looks, if you don’t use a car?


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