From Hell to Back again

20130509-123100.jpgIf feels like forever that I last posted on this blog. It has been a fast full last couple of weeks and I have now paid for it. It all started with our new dog jumping the back fence. Tinker is an amazing athletic young dog. She is from a rescue and has spent most of her life so far in a small cage waiting for adoption. Our family took her home just to give her a place to run around a big yard. She was still up for adoption. But she never went back she has stayed. Her nature with young children is fantastic. But she is an athlete who can jump. So the old 4 foot high fence was no match. So of course I need to install a new fence (I have known for a while it needed replacing but I was putting it off until the cool of winter), it was now urgent. It is competition season here for Mountain Biking and Gymnastics, my time is currently thin. In the dark early in the morning and then late at night I have been digging holes, concerting posts and stitching fencing wire.

Then the fun really started, my son arrived home from school not his usually joyful self. I was fast a sleep when a call came out “MUM” so my wife got up, (I went back to sleep). Next minute my wife is shouting “ASHLEY, GET IN HERE”. I jump out of bed still half asleep to enter my sons room to the horrible smell and curdling sound of projectile vomit in action. So I just went into the tire asleep auto pilot of get shower running, remove sheets, get bucket clean walls etc. I did not go back to sleep. Five hours later I left for work returning late that night.

Night two my wife gets sick similar results. I don’t go to work the next day but stayed home to look after the family. Now the gastro is slowly moving through the family each about 24 hours apart. At work I have athletes preparing for Australian team slection trilas in MTBO  one weekend and then the weekend following Regional trials gymnastics. It is busy. I am trying to miss as little work as possible. As a side note congratulations to Chris Firman has been selected on the Australian Team. Saturday night I get home about 11pm after being away all day in another city at the above said selection trails, when you guessed it I started my turn at having the Gastro bug. So I have not looked at a computer or phone for a few days.

But wait it gets better or should I say worse!!!

I am at home resting on Tuesday when I get a knock at the door. It is the water utility, “Do you know you have a water leak on your propertiy?” um “NO” is my reply. “You have used 4 months water in the last 3 weeks” says the lady in a soft voice. At this point I am thinking What The!!!, followed quickly by how much is our next bill going to be????? Last night after leaving work early I spent the event digging up the front yard to find the leak and do a very temporary repair until I have time in July, to dig a 14 metre long trench from the street to the house.

Life is good! Off the beaten path travel to work adventure this morning!!

This mornings ride to work was fantastic, feeling physically well again after 5 days of gastro and mentally relaxed the fence is almost finished, water leak stopped with no trials or competitions to attend this weekend, I decided to find shorter route to work avoiding the fumes of peak hours traffic. Using google maps I found a new path.

This morning I rode 26km to the coffee box and enjoyed a fantastic coffee (my 1st for 5 days) while having a chin wag with a cycling group. Up until now I used the main streets. After finishing a the fine brew I headed back a small way in the direction I had already come. I then turned down a walking path cut between houses, back onto the street, up a large hill then costed down a small hill to my new short cut. At this point down another walking path and out onto a nice bit of grass, and a 8 metre high wall in front of that. Not what I was expecting, I wanted to be on the other side of that wall. Not to worry I turned left and road the grass until I hit a creek. Shoes off, socks off, bike held above my head cross the creek. How good is this a bike path on the other side of the creek. I rode that all the way to work. Yes I saved 15 minutes and 6km on my commute. I am loving today.


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