Bad Habit – Driving a Car?

20130430-101327.jpgIs it just a bad habit to drive a car?

I have been reading “How to Live Well Without Owning a Car” and have come to the realisation that I just developed the habit of needing a car. The fact is that I still can’t see my family being car free but the need for two cars just seems like it is unnecessary. The average American spends 443 hours a year behind the wheel of a car. I am not in America but Australia is also a car centric country. I spend on average 14 hours a week behind the wheel; that is 743 hours a year. I average traveling 500km (312miles) a week or 26000km (16250 miles) a year. So if I work a 38 hour week (the so called standard in Australia) I spend 11 weeks behind the wheel each year. That is just ridiculous. I have not done the maths yet of what the cost of a car is to me by I am betting it is huge.

Do I really just drive a car because I always have? It is time to find a better way!


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