Is Choice Destructive?

1-Balance LogoChoice is destructive to organised training. Over the last 20 plus years of coaching I have found that if you give to many choices in training, athletes will not make a choice or worse still, they will chose something else (TV for example). If you start providing three sessions a day athletes think well if I miss this one I will just catch up in the next session. You can’t make up for a session missed it will take at least two sessions to make up for it, because you are a session behind. It is an opportunity lost. The Kenyans’ know this, they go into camps where they train eat and rest. By reducing the options they get better because they can only choose one of three things, Eat, Rest or Train.
Discipline is difficult; it does take most if not all of your concentration to keep on track at times. Things that seem so important in the moment, come along and derail your great plans. This is when creating a pre-commitment can be a very powerful tool for you. A pre-commitment can be as simple as asking a work mate to ensure that you are out of your office training at a particular time. Or meet up with a group. You don’t need to do that groups training it could just be that you will meet them each week.
For a long time I had a pre-commitment with the local coffee shop. I would drive to the coffee shop and the barista would ask me what today’s session is and then ask how I went when I was getting a coffee after my training session. I actually asked if he would mind doing this and he enjoyed his roll, asking about my training. I am sure that my buying a coffee after each session also helped.
So stay on track through making pre-commitments. The best one are ones were you can’t phone or text to say you won’t be there. Plan well and keep training.


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