New reading books

I have read Divorce your Car a few years ago and was after some more material on going Carless. I read a lot but mostly for furthering my coaching and personal training. It is time to read a little outside my usual Subject
I am still trying to figure out how to go completely Carless in my current life style without adversely impacting on my current comments. I hope to get a few ideas out of these books. If you have any good suggestions on going Carless please let me know. My daily Commute to and from the office is 80km.



2 thoughts on “New reading books

  1. Sounds as if there is no transit + bike afterwards/before option? Or drive to parking lot and cycle rest of way? I did do a 90 km. round trip commute which included one way:

    cycle to LRT station
    take train for 10 km.
    cycle 3 km. to next station that had bike lockers
    lock up bike
    get back on train to transfer later to a bus
    then walked to construction site (15 min.)

    On the way back home, when I picked up my bike I cycled all the way home. It was worth it with some mini hills. It was the only way I could fit in daily fitness activity with a long commute. Job was 3 yr. contract. Sometimes my partner cycled to the bike locker and we would ride home together. 😀

    • The cloest public transport is 10km in the wrong direction. I live in the Ipswich District and work in Brisbane. It is the hills that are a killer by bike but I am getting use to them. The non-highway cycle route is via the hills. It is still to easy just to jump in the car and drive to work. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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