Jumping in puddles

20130413-203840.jpg20130413-203852.jpgHow good was it to run and jump in puddles as kid. I loved to jump in puddles especially muddy ones. My kids show me how to make fun out of the simple acts of enjoying the weather all the time. When it rains my three children just want to be out in the rain playing. Last Saturday morning it was just the same for myself and a couple of hundred other runners. I arrived in time to do a slow 4km warmup. It was teaming down causing ankle and knee-deep water out on the course. How fast can you run through ankle and in some cases knee-deep water. Your shoes do get heavier but you can push harder because you are being cooled down faster. I loved it and so did everyone else out on the day. You never know what weather conditions race day will bring.

Jump in some muddy puddles next time you see them 🙂


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