Goodies arrive, Monkii Cage

20130417-130606.jpgI love it when I get home to find post on my home office desk. Of course my wife just thinks not another bike part. But the kids and I love to open up parcels that come from the post lady. Today we got to open up a parcel from Cyclemiles. I already knew what I had ordered but I did not expect everything that actually arrived. 20130417-130934.jpgMiles added some surprises for me. My kids, and hopefully I, will be enjoying some lollies on our next ride together. I am looking forward to bringing you a full review of the Monkii cage once I give it some miles on the bike. I have already done a small test. Can it hold a coffee cup. You bet it can, that is already a huge tick in my book. What can this cage do?

  • Hold a coffee cup
  • Hold a bottle of almost any shape & size
  • Hold a nalegene bottle
  • Hold a tool roll
  • Fit standard water bottle cage mounts or (with adaptor) any bike

20130417-130624.jpgHats off to Cycling miles for supporting the Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle method of looking after the world we all ride in. The post parcel used to send me the goods is not recyclable but has been reused by Miles to send me the Monkii cage and accessories.

Stay tuned for a review in June.


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