Waiting Game

Miura ShoesEver found your self in a waiting game situation. It is like nothing happens until you get to the point of having these, or doing this, it is all about the future. Sometimes I find that I am so looking forward to something in the future that I forget and even seem dissatisfied with all the good that is happening right now.

I am looking forward to getting away with my family in a week. I have been rushing around getting things in place so I can go away. Once upon a time I could just leave a job and come back and little would have changed. These days I have lots of people relying on me, clients, athletes and staff. So I need to have everything in place. I like to be organised, that’s a understatment I love to be organised. My outlook calendar has dates 4 years in advance already booked out. The thing is I can find myself getting grumpy at times.

Take the time and pause to look at all the good that has been achieved in a week. I need to do this more often.

Something to mention: congratulations, Bam for being appointed general manager. I am going to be looking for a new climbing partner. The shoes pictured above will have to be broken in without you.

Time to go now I am off to Sherwood Forest for a run. I will be taking flipper and goggles as the rain has not stopped all night. Keep training all, and take some time to reflect on all the good, big and small that you have achieved in the last week.


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