20130408-175221.jpgWhen you can’t get just the part you are after you need to make it happen. I had to make the pedals that I have wanted for my Tikit. Wanting a pedal that is a SPD, Platform and Quick release is the perfect pedal for a folding bike. But it did not exist. You can get quick release SPD or Quick release platforms or even White Industries Quick release cranks. But I wanted platform and SPD plus Quick release all in the one.

20130408-175203.jpgI contacted those that manufacture quick release pedals both MKS and Wellgo. Emails went back and forth. I asked about making my own pedal shafts to suit but was warned that this would not be great. I needed to be able to harden the steel consistently. Something outside my current skill level. Wellgo would manufacture exactly what I wanted if I was willing to order 1000 units. I only need one set.

20130408-175213.jpgLooking at every pedal out in the market and ordering and trying some MKS and Wellgo pedals. Yes I have a lot of pedals. I also have a habit of ordering parts and then pulling them apart when I get them just to see how they work and were designed. I had ordered a couple of pairs of Wellgos and noticed the insides were very similar in design. I thought can I order the pedals I want and then a set of quick release and just swap out the pedals shafts. 20130408-180523.jpgThe answer is yes you can. So after a simple procedure of ordering two pairs of pedals one in Quick release and one with the correct SPD, platform outer, I have the pedals I have always wanted. In the end I have ended up with the perfect pedal and a spare set of roady pedals.


2 thoughts on “Pedals

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I am currently attempting a similar project as yours and I came across your blog post.

    Would you be willing to share with us the model number of the pedals you have used for the project, it would be incredibly helpful knowing someone have done this successful already.

    thank you very much,

    • Thanks Fleix for your comments. The two different pedals that I purchased were Wellgo QRD-R096B and Wellgo R120B. Using the outer body from the R120B and the axles from the QRD-R096B. The inner axle profile is the same for both pedals.

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