Big Dummy a week of upgrades

Deck 1This week has been a week of upgrades, mods and changes to the Big Dummy.

  1. The kids custom deck has been completed and installed.
  2. A 22 tooth XT chain-ring has replaced the 26 tooth on the cranks.
  3. Rear bottle cage has moved after building a custom bracket
  4. Higher foot pegs have been installed for the little ones
  5. The car seat in my car has been removed (Now I must use the bike)

Deck 2Over all it has been a big week for the dummy. After connecting up the kids trailer and taking all three kids to the park I decided the gears were not low enough. So I went to the local bike shop and purchased a 22 tooth XT chain-ring. I have reduced the inner chain ring by 4 teeth.

Deck 4

Not much but as much as I can do without getting a custom chain-ring or changing to 10 speed. I did manage with the 26 to 34 but a 22 to 34 will just be a bit more comfortable.

The bottle cage being moved to the left has worked out well. I have good clearance that I did not expect to have. So no bother that it stick out to the left.


Deck 5With the kids on the back they can’t reach down to the normal lower deck placements yet. I am sure in a few years they will. After ordering a set of super hooks from the US. I made a simple cross-bar foot pegs. I then wrapped it in sports take to add just a little grip.

Last the child seat in my car has moved out. Now when I want to get my son to and from school I have to use the Big Dummy. Forcing myself into the precommitment of using the bike.

Deck 6So after a week of fun working on the bike. It is ready to be the work horse getting around and reducing my need for a car.


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