Great Design – KISS

Sometimes we completely over design and complicate things just because we can. I like when I find a product solution that is easy and simple. Especially one that blows my mind because it seems so outside the box or current way of thinking.

I have been spending some time on www looking at photos and videos of bike manufacturing. When I stumbled across thisMonkii CageI found the photo then started to look for the product and quickly found it. The simple idea is, ‘make the bottle the cage’. The black cleats you see in the photo stay on the bike the rest of the cage is velcroed to the bottle. That means you can use almost any on your bike. Perfect for bottles your kids want to take because it is their favorite or for bike packing when you want to take a Nelegene. You can check out the full range at Cycling Miles. I do like the manufactures philosophy of “Smart Low Tech”.

“Keep it Simple Stupid”  as coined by Kelly Johnson.


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