1-Balance LogoConsistent training is the most important thing I know of when it comes to achieving your goals and potential. Doing a little every day is everything. Wether training for a ultra-run or learning to cook cakes, if you are doing that little bit you will be improving. No matter what you are working towards a little each day is a step in the correct direction.

We get BETTER or WORSE each day whether we want or not.  The only consistent thing in everyone’s life is that you will not be the same. Change is occurring constantly. Nothing will or does stay the same. Things seem to be the same but the changes that are occurring are just on an unrecognisable time scale.

So it is our choice to make a change for the better or the worse. Of course we would all like to think that making a change for the better is easy, but it is the hard or high road. Positive change for the better takes hard work, disciplined effort, blood sweet and tears. It is not easy, persistence is required.

How do you do a little each day to ensure you are moving in the correct direction? Well I hear a lot of make a list of what to do each day. This does make sense but it is not the whole picture. It can be more important to make a list of what you will NOT do each day.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then is a habit, not an act” Aristotle


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