Surly Big Dummy offset water bottle bracket made!

Easter project completed. It took quite a while to make, but I don’t mind. I like to get the perfect solution and enjoy being on the tools. It is something I can see myself doing more and more of. I like to tinker and come up with solutions to solve little problems. Here is the photos of the build.

Bracket 2Setup with side entry bottle holders. You can see the tapered 9mm spacer I had already made to clear the Terra Cycle bracket.

Bracket 3Here you can see the chain rubbing on the bottle cage. The Terra Cycle idler brings the chain up next to the bottle cage. Bracket 4Starting with 85mm of 50mm OD 3mm thick aluminium tube. 1 mm guide holes drilled. Drilling aluminium use a low-speed to get a better cut. Bracket 5This tool cleans up and makes a nice round edge of the 5mm hole just drilled. Bracket 6Checking the bottle water bolts fits neatly. Bracket 7Measuring out the next holes that are required. Water bottle holes are 65mm apart. The hammer is then used with a punch to mark the tube ready for drilling. Bracket 8Holds drilled this is the filings sitting on top. I tried to do an offset hole also so I can mount the bottle cage at an angle. An angle mount is required to clear the rear frame and give clearance for my heel when pedaling. Bracket 9I think it took three coffees to hacksaw through the pipe. I needed to take my time to get a good straight cut.  Bracket 10 flysLocals giving me a hand. Bracket 11Bracket mounted. By the time I had a finished product I was happy with the bracket was mounted and removed at least 20 times. Each time minor modifications were made. Small things like sanding and filing to make the perfect fit.  Bracket 14Testing the bottle in the mount. Clearance for both my foot and from the rear frame is just millimeters. But it works perfectly. Bracket 15Job done.


4 thoughts on “Surly Big Dummy offset water bottle bracket made!

    • I would like a Smoke Monkey some days. But at this stage no smoke dummy. I have a Terra Cycle idler. It is great for lifting the chain line up. I got it so that I can ride trails without the chain hitting the ground or logs or rocks

  1. I had a very similar problem (with chain rub on bottle cage/bottle) with my BD when riding the Americas. I was running 2 MSR fuel bottles, so solved the problem by raising the smaller one (c. 300ml) up a hole – ie using the upper bottle mount for the lower cage hole and then having a cable tie for the top one. Worked fine – didn’t want the noise or risk of eroding a hole into the fuel bottle. I did email Surly at that point (mine is a pre 2011 model BD) – and they said they weren’t aware of any issues and would passi it on. I actually never had problems with the chain coming up against onstacles while riding off road. I use the standard MTB 3×9 speed.

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