Custom parts required!

It is easter, 4 days to spend with family, friends and in the shed building bike parts. This week I have spent some time working on a better solution for a water bottle cage mount in the rear frame of the big dummy. I want a water bottle my kids can access when traveling on the back. I have already made up a set of bushes on the lathe to allow a side access cage to mount. But after installing and testing the cage the chain rubs on it. So I am going to make a bracket that offsets the bottle cage to the left. That is the plan. What actually happens could be a very different story.


I have spent a little time looking for new tools. I would like to have a go at making some more parts that are currently beyond my ability and tooling. Today I looked at a mini brake and sheers for folding and cutting sheet metal. I have also been looking at tube benders for chromoly steel tube 6-8mm in diameter. In a total dream I viewed a mini CNC machine.
What I would love to get is a milling machine. I am on the lookout for a secondhand one at the right price. I will bring you the photos of parts being made soon.



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