Custom Bags for the Big Dummy

Wow rear baghow good are these bags. So good that I have already got myself another place in the build queue. Scott from Porcelain Rocket and I have been communicating about some bags for a while. It started with the idea of a custom bag for my Bike Friday. Then I went and sold two bikes to buy a Big Dummy. Looking to reduce my need for a car, I needed a bike that could handle a load.rear bag drive side

Once I got the BD and having already been in contact with Scott it proved to be the perfect match. A Surly BD has quite a bit of unused space in the rear frame. Perfect for some frame bags to make use of a void space. I sent my request through to Scott. The build list is long due to how good his bags are. I have to say after getting the goods that they are good, very good, perfect in fact. Scott build exactly what I requested. So if you have space on your frame and need to carry stuff drop Scott a email and get a spot in the build line.

Top BagScott is also traveling to Australia this year to put his bags through some R&D in the Australia Desert on 1850km of the Canning Stock Route.PR Bags drive side


5 thoughts on “Custom Bags for the Big Dummy

  1. Awesome! Thinking about upgrading my xtracycle situation for a BD this year. Was BD your first or did you have a previos xtracycle? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the upgrade if you did. Cheers!

    • I spent ages looking at every possible load carrying bike and adaptation. I looked at a extra cycle but decided it would not suit the long term. I would want to upgrade so I decided to do that from the start. So after selling two bikes I decided the Surly was good value for money. Bikes I looked at are
      Bike Friday Family Tandem (limited life using it as a tandem)
      Harry vs Larry
      Circe Family Tandem with cargo sub frame
      The list goes on for a while. I borrowed and rode everyone I could get a hold of.
      The surly BD is great, the advantages it has in my case are
      You can Mtb with it
      It still fits in a bike lane nice
      Handles bumps well (good on rough side walks)
      It has a life still once kids have grown up
      Lots of extras available like jack ass centre stand
      And this list goes on.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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