How can a day get any better?

20130324-194704.jpgSunrise: What a Saturday I had. Sun rise was spectacular. I rarely get to see sunrise at my house. I am usually on the road on my way to coaching. I do love seeing sunrise. I captured this image with my iPhone as I left to do my Saturday run.

Sherwood ForestRun: I did something new. I went to Sherwood Forest for a run. This run has been going for 30 years now. Every Saturday come rain, hail or shine people meet at Sherwood Forest Park for a timed run. Distances are 2k, 4k and 6k. I was early so I got to meet a one of the organisers he started helping out in 1985. I am sorry but I forgot his name. Well he was excited to show me the path. So we ran out the 6km course. We ran at a casual 5.20 minute per km pace. I did not realise that I was pushing the older gentleman. I hope that I am moving as well when I am his age.

This casual timed run was turning into a meeting of all the people I know. We had parents of kids I teach, Parents of graduated kids, fellow staff and runners I know from the traps. I headed out to do the timed 6km course and managed a good time of 26.32 for 6km. I could not have run any faster on the day. I am looking forward to my next Sherwood Forest run.

Vintage trikeMuseum: Once home it was time to shower have breakfast and pack to go to the museum with the family. The kids were very excited. The museum was celebrating Outback Easter. So the kids got to meet the Easter Bilby. (I made a donation to help safe this small marsupial being destroyed by feral cats and foxes here in Australia). The museum had a new display of vintage toys. I only took a couple pictures of the trikes. Train trikeI love trikes and bikes new and old. Wheels just provide us with so much freedom. I remember riding down the creek on my trike as a little kid. I think that is why I love bikes so much because it is such a great method of getting away from it all.

Head snakeGardening: Once home in the afternoon I needed to get out in the yard and do a little maintenance. I have very slowly been making the garden more and more productive and edible. This fruit tree is at our front door (2metres away). It is the first garden from the front door. I prune the top back a little regularly so that we can pick all the fruit without needing a ladder. I had just started pruning when I noticed movement in the tree then a snake head. Yes it scared the sh*# out of me. I jumped back a long way. Full Snake viewThis is Charlie he is our house snake. One in three houses in Australia has a python living in the house. They are fantastic as they eat the rats and mice. Charlie the carpet snake has grown bigger and bigger over the years. He is about 3-3.5 metres long and fatter than a coke can now. I am guessing he/she is at least 15-20 years old. I hope that Charlie is with us for many years to come. That night after night fall we watched Charlie climbed onto the roof and into the ceiling.

Gas Cylinder mountBike: I installed some new parts consisting of a side entry bottle and a dual CO2 gas cylinder. During the week I decided that a side entry water bottle holder on the back of the Surly Big Dummy would be better solution to fitting in a big bottle. When at the shop I found a dual CO2 cylinder holder that goes under a bottle cage. I decide that would be perfect for my Tikit. The Tikit does not lend itself mounting a pump on. So I have decided to just carry a couple of gas charges in case of a flat. It is a commuter after all so never that far from help.

That is my truly amazing day; I hope you and I all get to enjoy many great days like these!


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