Mission Statement – Goal or Dream?

1-Balance LogoThis week I found myself in a situation I was not comfortable with. Never one to shy away from a challenge I spent a lot of time thinking about a solution or answer to the question. I was asked to write a mission statement for a coaching program that I am in charge of.

Generally I find that mission statements are a waste of time. No one really owns them and they just come across to me as a marketing ploy. I could write whatever I wanted, but if it is never actioned then it is just not what it is designed to be. A statement or goal for a program. I think you could refer to it more as a dream rather than a goal. For a goal is a dream with a set end date. Mission statements don’t have set end dates so they are higher in the sky dreams.
So I though what is it that I ask each person to do each day. It does not matter whether the person is a coach, athlete, the cleaner or my accountant I always want these things from everyone. These are short statements three in total:

  • Success for everyone
  • Commitment over talent
  • Balance in life

This is what I truly try to live and coach by. This is what I ask of and expect of everyone. Yes it is short but I truly believe this covers everything I look for in my role as a coach, a Dad, a Husband, an Athlete etc. I believe these three short lines above are in fact a goal or reference that can be looked at each day. Today did I have success, did I commit even if I don’t have the talent in that area, is and or was today balanced.
I also did another challenge, I wanted to find 5 words that describe who I am and what it is that I look for from myself every day. Words to live by:

• Family,
• Friends,
• Honesty,
• Consistency,
• Thrift,
• and Discipline.

Yes I struggled to narrow it down to 5 I think that I would drop consistency if I had to remove a single word. I believe that discipline and consistency are one and the same. You must be disciplined to be consistent.

Family: when all else fails most people have family around them. They may have bias and not be the best person to bounce ideas off but they usually do love and cherish you. Time spent keeping this relationship going is time well spent.

Friends: I love my alone time I would refer to myself as a loner but I still need friends and good one don’t judge your actions. They will listen when needed and may give advice. Good friends will stick with you through thick and thin. Look after these relationships and they will look after you. Humans are designed to be community animals friends are your community.

Thrift: this to me means use everything wisely. Don’t waste what you have whether that is time, money, love etc use it well each and every time.

Honesty: The most difficult person to be honest with is yourself. If you can be do this you will be able to be honest with everyone around you.

Discipline: anything worth doing from family, friends, racing, training, coaching takes commitment. You need to want to do it and to see the greater purpose in doing what you do. If you can see the greater purpose the commitment is easier. But it is about seeing things through that are worth doing and that takes discipline.

In summary, I use these short statements to provide a path, and guide my decision-making. Therefore I have decided that  I do infact have a mission statement or philosophy that I live, work and play by

    • Success for everyone
    • Commitment over talent
    • Balance in life

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