Avid Cyclist (Me): Thanks, Volvo!

Volvo-cyclist-brake-3-537x328Volvo has just announced Cyclist Detection with full auto brake – a technology that detects and automatically applies a vehicle’s brakes when a cyclist moves in front of a moving car. The basic components of the system include a radar unit integrated into the front grille, a camera fitted in front of the interior rear-view mirror and a central control unit. The radar is tasked with seeing obstacles in front of the vehicle and calculating distance, while the camera is responsible to determine what the object is. The central control unit, with rapid processing capabilities, monitors and evaluates the situation.Volvo-Safety-Technologies_0003-537x353

The system looks very cool. I hope that it comes out on more than just Volvo’s. I look forward to a safer future riding bikes with cars. Over the years I have been hit 4 times while riding on the road. I have even been hit when racing in the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon. You would think that when a road is closed to traffic you would not get hit. But when drivers don’t follow police instructions these thing happen. Anything that makes car drivers look for more than a moving box will help all of us on any form of transport.

If for some reason a Volvo does hit you they have also released the first pedestrian airbag. If you go over the bonnet, the airbag and bonnet, which pop-up in milliseconds, are designed to prevent head injuries – the single biggest cause of pedestrian deaths.

Thanks for making the roads safer for all Volvo.


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