Desert Envy

Canning_stock_routeI want to ride the CSR.

I love the life that I live. Yes I make complaints about little things at work, home and elsewhere. But in the bigger picture I am happy. I get to ride bikes each week, Run each day, play with my kids and learn as they learn and share my life with my beautiful wife. I pass on my learning’s to all those I coach and get to see others excel. Watching others excel and reach their potential is such a rewarding feeling.
But today I have just got desert envy. I am not jealous but envious of Scott from Porcelain Rocket (Bike Bags) fame. While having an internet chat he told me that he is coming to Australia to ride the Canning Stock Route (CSR).The CSR is considered one of the longest hardest stock routes in the world. It is 1850km long in Western Australia Desert region. It runs from Halls Creek in the Kimberley region of Western Australia to Wiluna in the mid-west region. That is a trail I have wanted to ride bikes a long or even run for years. Ever since going across the Simpson Desert in the early 90s and then when walking on Lake Eyre with my wife in 2000. I love central Australia and its deserts.
CSR well 23At home my wife and I have been planning an educational trip for our kids. In the near future we are going to travel around Australia. It is almost a standard thing to do as a retired person in this country. Our sprightly 70 plus neighbours have just returned from weeks of travel across the desert to WA and Back. They have a well setup camper. I want to do it before I retire. It is important to me for us to see the amazing country I live in.
Kate Leeming ride along the CSR

What I am trying to say here is that I get envious of those out on adventures that I would love to do. Does that mean that I would swap my life or leave my life to join them NO. But I do love to read and talk about your adventures it is like I have somehow been a part of it. So I said to Scott that I would send him my photos of the Simpson Desert. I will do my best to scan and blog my Simpson Desert photos.
Canning Stock Route Fat BikePlease keep getting out and enjoying your life, just remember to share your experiences so we can all join in. If you would like to also follow Scott on his CSR trip check out


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