FernyGrove Trails


Once a week I usually meet up with a couple of people and ride some trails. This week just one was available and with a change in work roster a new day was required. The best I could manage was a midday ride before heading back for a afternoon of coaching. Due to my time restrictions I need to meet Bam at a new location Ferny Grove Iron Bark Gully Park. I have not been on those trails for at least 13 years. Driving to the park it looked like nothing had changed in all that time. The shops were the same etc. The trails are different to the Gap in that the descents are short climbs are about the same and the single track is flat as it really contours the side of the20130313-103638.jpg hills.

What I love about the outdoors is the interesting thing that find when outside. Just about at then end of the ride I saw a strange site. I bunch of grubs on the ground. Most of them where dead. It is amazing just what nature presents each and every day.


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