Making new small bike parts

Another day on the tools. It has been in the planing for a while. The need to do a bunch of small spacers for my bikes. This is an exercise in tidying up three modifications I have made to both my Tikit and my Surly BD.
On my Tikit I had made a light mount that had 16mm spacers. Once mounted I noticed that I could reduce the space by half and this would also result in better lighting due to brake cables being avoided. The other part that needed spacers on the Tikit is the stem holder when folded. Due to the larger seat clamp that the lights are mounted to the fold no longer worked. With a couple of 4mm spacers the problem was solved.
On my BD I have mounted a Terracycle idler to improved ground clearance. This has resulted in a set of bottle cages being unusable. So by making a couple of tapered spacers 9mm long I can again mount a bottle holder. Yes I will only be able to use a small bottle but still it is usable.


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