45km on 23 Floor

20130225-172010.jpgWell I dont have a photo except the photo of chocolate in the entry to the hotel and convention centre. I was in Houston to attend the Houston National Invitational. This was an amazing competition. After 48 hours without running I needed to go for a run. By this stage it was dark and I was not willing to go out running the streets of Houston at night. So I had the option of using the treadmill in the hotel. This would be the first time I have used a treadmill for a long run of any kind. I have used a treadmill in the past in the Brisbane Nike headquarters as part of a shoe fit and gate analysis. But that little run was nothing by comparison to trying to do a long run.

I started by finding a machine, the hotel had 10 to pick from. I found one that included a TV in the control panel and had the best view of downtown Houston. I played with the controls and found a 5k run that was preprogrammed and did my 1st 5km. I did not realise that looking out the window would make me feel really dizzy while trying to run. I pushed out a nice run in 22 minutes. At times the running got harder and it was about the 3rd of 4th time I noticed that the setting on the machine changed. The 5k was an interval session with hills! this I was not expecting. After the 5k I was warmed up and feeling good. I went for a quick walk around the gym and noticed that it was like walking off a ship I was all over the place and trying to lean forward a lot. I guess the machine or at this stage I was starting to get the flu.

I then found that you could ask the machine to just run for 60min period. I tried to find the distance adjustment but 60min was the maxium time I could pre-program. So in a solution to the problem, I ran two more 1 hour sessions with a total time of 2 hours and 22 minutes for my first treadmill running session. I completed a total distance of 27km so a nice run. At this stage it was 11.30pm so time to have a shower and get some rest. I am impressed with treadmills now and would seriously consider getting one as a training aid. I can see that it could be very useful for over speed training and cold rainy days along with midnight runs. In total I ran 45km on the 23 floor over the 48 hours that I was in Houston.


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