Seattle – Haulin’ Colin – Short but sweet visit.

TowerSo for some time I have been looking at a Haulin’ Colin centre stand for my bike. Due to the cost of delivery to Australia is has always been on the back burner. Just imagine my joy and surprise when I realised that I would be driving straight past his shop between clients when in Seattle. So of course I had to make a stop. When looking at the day I worked out that I would HC Shop 6have about 15 minutes to visit Colin. Best of all he would be in the shop and show me around.
What a shop. It is not big but everything is well set out and every available space is being used for storage. The shop is in an industrial area in Seattle and the building is shared with a number of artists. HC other shop 4I could have spent hours watching the artists working molten metal overs hot ovens. Check out Equinox Studios. I love blacksmithing, it is an amazing art that is just a joy to watch. Taking a chunk of metal an idea and producing beautiful art is inspiring.HC Shop 3
Colin is a very nice tall individual. He shares his space with two others, working on many different projects. I think that Colin would give anything a go when it comes to bikes and reworking designs. His trailers look amazing. HC Shop 1It is a pity that freight costs out of the USA are so high. One of his trailers would be great as I venture towards living a car light life style (one day). Colins workman ship is outstanding. I would recommend his work to anyone who is thinking of getting anything custom biking.
HC Shop 2Seattle well I would have loved to visit more than gyms and basketball stadiums, but once again time on the ground was less than 18 hours. I did managed to get the space needle photo while passing by. Seattle was a beautiful city with a huge REI store that needed to be looked in, Next Time!Wheel


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