Vancouver Running – Stanley Park Pool

20130308-084223.jpgIt was a very early start to get in a run in Vancouver. I was on the ground in Canada for just 30 hours. That included two nights. So day light hours were smaller still. We started at 7 in the morning and were still going at 10pm at night. This was the norm for the entire trip. So to get in a run it was going to be dark. The rain did not stop for the entire time in Canada. I loved the feeling of Vancouver. The day we left I purchased sushi from a place on the side of the road. Well I think that may be the best sushi I have ever had and I have eaten it in Japan. It was amazing value for just $7.30CA.

Running from the hotel and headed out in the dark trying to remember each turn so I could get back. I wanted to run around Stanley park but just ran out of time. So I made it about 10k in total. The only miss fortune in the run was while looking at a beautiful monument, I stepped in a very cold and deep puddle. So now I had wet and cold shoes to run in. I guess Gore-tex lining in places like this could make sence. Gore-tex in South East Queensland is mostly a waste of funds. It was a beautiful run along the foreshore and I would like to do it again someday (with my wife and kids). But I can now say that I have been running in Canada. What is with the sea gulls in Canada I am sure they are taking something (fish must be good) because they are at least double the size of gulls in Oz.

Lastly it is great to be posting again. Thanks for your readership.


3 thoughts on “Vancouver Running – Stanley Park Pool

  1. Awesome! So glad you enjoyed your run here despite the rain. I keep a few pairs of runners and rotate them should one of them get soggy. Odd that I never considered Gore-tex lining.

    Sushi is indeed inexpensive here. I’ve heard people say that we practically pay them to eat it. haha

    • Thanks. Vancouver is an amazing city. I drove about 200-250k around the city from gym to gym. The housing looks amazing out of a picture book. The other think I got to enjoy that I have never seen before is curling. You live in a wonderful city. I hope to enjoy it more one day will my family next time.

  2. I lived in Vancouver for 8 yrs. ..not far from Stanley Park. I still go back to visit…it’s a 2nd home to me. Yes, many joggers and cyclists (well more than other cities).

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