Tree 1 point! Chris 0.

When I wrote out Chris’s Thursday training I had no mention of go break yourself. Well yesterday I had a couple of missed calls very early in the morning on my phone. This is never a good sign. So I sent a text to say what’s up. The phone rang straight away. “Hi I think I have broken my collar bone and destroyed my shoulder” was the first words out of Chris. The photo shows that is exactly what is going on. All this in 1st 10 minutes of a easy 2 hours trails ride on his just repaired carbon MTB. It was his first ride back on his competition rig. Well a small rock, deflected Chris into a on coming tree at full speed in Gap Creek Park.

In the sign of a true athlete I called Chris in the afternoon to see how he was holding up. I wanted to make sure he was holding up well mentally. Chris started out by discussing how he would be back training by the weekend. We then started to formulate a plan of how we can modify his riding position so he can sit upright removing any pressure on his shoulder. This will allow him to sit on the wind trainer in front of the tv and keep up the base miles. Well done Chris keep up the great work. I will keep everyone else up to date on his progress and recovery.


One thought on “Tree 1 point! Chris 0.

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