Gap Creek Park

Map of Trails
20130212-194338.jpgI have been riding Gap Creek Park for 30 years. It is an amazing trail network that has grown over the years. When I first started on the BMX it was mainly fire roads and the old trails that lead to Gold Mines. The place is full of holes in the ground so care need to be taken when walking completely off track. I remember when I was 12 or 13 doing the huge walk all the way to the top of Mt Coot-tha. It is a great experience that has stuck with me all this time. I have such fond memories of the adventure of it.

20130212-194320.jpgThat walk which was so huge as a kid is now a regular part of my MTB rides each time at Gap Creek. The one part that is usually missed is the final climb up to the top. The gradient is at least 30%. If you are walking up you take two steps forward slid one back. When walking down you run from tree to tree using them as a brake.

20130212-194309.jpgOn monday I was after a bit of a harder ride. I was not going to get in a lunch time run so the morning session needed to step up a little. So we started with a climb and then a small decent then climb some more.20130212-194257.jpg After that we keep climbing. Then the fun began. descend down Kokoda trail. You need full brakes just up to the point of locking the wheels. Your position is behind the back of the seat with your backside just above the wheel. Even in this extreme position it is still a very difficult decent. Where the angle decreases slightly I made a stop capture these images of my fellow riders. The disc brakes at this stage are steaming hot and the smell of burning brake is strong in the air.

I am looking forward to doing the same ride again in three weeks.


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