When it goes perfectly wrong

20130209-195403.jpg“We can do that, that creek looks about 1km long that will connect the tracks” those are famous words. It all began with a map at a scale that did not give the detail we required. Nick and I were looking at a couple of great runs that are about 10k long each. If we use the creek we can connect the two runs into a circuit of about 20-22k which will make for a great run with a little adventure in between. How bad can it be. In the past we have taken lots of creek lines (in the dry) to join trails with great results each time.
This day was different. It was raining so heading down a creek line in the mountains, I can say I would NOT recommend that but we gave it a try. The creek flat as far as we could see was just boulders and a trickle water flowing. That is not how it turned out. As we progressed the creek began to rise due to the rain. We though we were much further along then we actually were. At this point the creek had formed into a narrow george of faster running water. We continued down the 1st waterfall that was not that big about twice my height. It would not be easy to get back up if we had to. At the second waterfall well that was a lot higher and the rain was now coming down. We ended up jumping off the waterfall into the water. I tried to touch the bottom of the creek at this point and could not. Now it was decided that we should try to go around the next fall. So we started to traverse across the wall of the george. Until we moved out into little clearing to find we were at least 25 metres off the ground in the poring rain holding onto a couple of finger holds. This was not going to end well. We quickly went back the way we had come in.
Our return path is now blocked and we have no mobile phone reception. The only thing left to do is climb out and cut a path through the bush.
Yes we made it out safely. What was originally going to be a 2-3 hour run ended up as 6 hours of hard work. What we did discover was an amazing creek line with swim through’s that needed to be completed. But next time it would be with rope and harness. Yes Nick and I have now completed the george and it is amazing. With harnesses and rope it took about 5 hours to travel just 1.5km. I will bring you that story soon. The moral of this story is if you are going to take a short cut get a detailed map and DON’T GO DOWN a CREEK in the poring rain.


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