Running in the USA

World map with flagsThis time next week I will be on my way to the USA. In what may end up as a complete fail, I am going to try going for a run in Two Countries, Two Hemispheres and Three States all in the same day.

  1. Australia (before 6am local time)
  2. USA Los Angeles (9am ish local time)
  3. USA Boise Idaho (after 2.30pm local time)

This would all be on the same day due to the time changes. I will gain about 17 hours from Australia to the USA. Well it is now a wait and see game. The most difficult part will be to get in a run in LA as I have to change planes and airlines to get to Boise. I have not been to LAX for 15 years so I am not sure about the venue regarding doing a short run. I will have a few logistical issues to over come to get in a LAX run. But I will give it a good try.
20130209-195004.jpgLast year while on another work trip I had 3 hours between flights in Cairns, Australia. So I pre planned a run into town and back to the airport. In that stop over I managed to get in 21k. It was hot but dead flat so nice and fast. My work mates on that trip almost missed the connecting flight after not being able to get a taxi back to the airport. They had decided to go and get some lunch in town. I was back in plenty of time to cool down and shower before the next flight (I did not want to stink out the next flight). I became quite worried when the others were not back as the boarding calls began ringing out. Everyone made made it but only by the skin on their teeth.


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