GoPro Hero3 Running Cap is a Success

DCIM100GOPROIt has been a crazy busy day and week. But has also been a successful week. This morning I had just 26 minutes spare between clients. I know it would be a squeeze to get in a run, but I did it and it felt wonderful. I managed to get in 4.5k of hills with the first 4k being under 19 minutes 38 seconds. I was stuffed at the end and still got in a 1 minute shower before my next clients who were running 5 minutes late.

DCIM100GOPROWhat I did get to give a good test was my GoPro Hero Hat. This time the hat proved to be very successful. This is the fourth model of GoPro I have purchased. The models I have had is the GoPro original, Hero, Hero2 and now the Hero3 Black. The Hero3 Black is by far the best. The image quality is outstanding, and the images are still and crisp, even when the camera is being jarred constantly during a run. This is the 1st GoPro that can take a great photo while I am running with it. All the others have been great except capturing photos while running. Finally I have the camera I have been looking for. Light, Fast, High Image quality. It has only one flaw and that is the battery life of just 1 hour. This may be fixed up with a software upgrade in the future. But I am happy with just one hour because the weight is so little.

DCIM100GOPROI captured these images on my fast morning run. Yes they are not great arty photos but the image quality for a camera mounted on my hat while running at a reasonable sub 5minunte pace I think is outstanding. I have been so impressed with The Hero3 that I am thinking of getting a second one next week when I am in the US.

This last image shows a little more of the destruction from the storms we had the last week of January 2013. GoPro Hero3 gets my vote!


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